At the DACH + HOLZ show in Stuttgart where OAKBOT is mentioned

Original article published on, January 28, 2020

Dach + Holz in Stuttgart: everything for roofing, roofing and timber construction

First impressions in bulk at Dach + Holz: German carpenter sticks to his traditions, but welcomes innovation with open arms


Epur, the little French guy who cuts on site

You have to come to Dach + Holz in Stuttgart to discover the French start-up epur, which presents its Oakbot tool, the first portable digital milling machine. Oakbot consists of three parts: a mast and a load-bearing jib, a timing and locating tool that allows the tool itself to know where it is, the digital milling machine.

All you have to do is enter the dimensions of the rough piece of wood, the nature (tenon, mortise, etc.) of the piece to be cut and its dimensions. At the show, Oakbot cut a tenon in 1'24 '. Its designers estimate that, thanks to on-site manufacturing, the time savings for a single part is at least 50% compared to manufacturing in the workshop. In the case of repetitive parts, the time savings can reach 80%.


Pascal Poggi

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