PRICE / Innovate in the countryside

EPUR Winner and Grand Jury Prize 2020

The whole Epur team is very proud to have received the Grand Rpix of the "Innovate in the countryside" competition, during the ceremony at Pont du Gard on Friday 24 January.

The price of innovating in the countryside?

All over France, many of you have chosen to stay and live where you grew up or to leave the big cities to work where you want to live! By developing your projects in these rural areas where it is good to work and live, you are helping to revitalize them.

The campaign is teeming with ideas and talents! Through this award, we want to highlight your stories, young and old, who carry innovative projects in all areas: technology, agriculture, social, culture, industry ...

The ambition of the Prize is to show that it is possible to create innovative projects in all sectors of activity far from the big cities! The Prize wishes to both show what is already being done in the countryside and encourage vocations by helping entrepreneurs (in the broad sense) to settle there. Entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs, to your campaigns! &

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