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In tradition
With respect for our heritage

The entreprise

EPUR dedicates itself to develop and sell innovative machines for craftsmen. First product of our range : OAKBOT , world’s first portable CNC router , for traditional carpentering and wood building works. OAKBOT is an added value creation tool and craftsman’s know-how enhancer.


Over time, wood craftsmen have been continuously improving their techniques and tools… as carpenters, preservation of our know-how depends on our capacity to renew our practices in an evolving world. That’s why we innovated bearing in mind to take only the best part of new technologies and above all… keep control of our work.


Latest article published in BATIRAMA
Monday, 06 February 2017
(, article from 06/02/2017 ) "Le taille-charpente débarque sur les chantiers" Aujourd’hui, la taille de charpente s’effectue en atelier, par des machines de fraisage lourdes et...