OAKBOT, the world's first portable digital milling machine.

OAKBOT makes it possible to realize a large set of assembly geometries.

  • Portable milling machine with 3 digital axes.
  • High precision ball screw transmission.
  • NEMA 23 precision axis motors with built-in encoders.
  • Roller bearings lubricated for life.
  • Secure control circuit and emergency stop button.
  • Air cooled industrial spindle motor.

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Easily cut a variety of assemblies, automatically and using a single machine
  • Automated assembly size
  • Pre-programmed assemblies
  • Self-adaptive capacity, at the timber section
  • Lightweight interface and simplified
  • Intuitive input on touch screen
A 3-axis robot that guarantees precision and machining quality equivalent to the best stationary digital machines
  • A size robot integrating a 3-axis numerical control
  • A displacement accuracy of 1 / 10th of a millimeter
  • A cutting quality optimized by algorithms taking into account count machining logics
Earn added value by multiplying your production capacity
  • Production times divided by 2, on single parts and well beyond for series parts
  • eliminate the drawing phases of your assemblies
  • Increase your speed of execution
A machine designed to allow you intensive use, in workshop as on site
We know the constraints of the business, and we have taken into account the requirements of robustness and reliability, essential to the achievement of quality work in the best conditions.
We collaborate with European manufacturers recognized for the quality and durability of their products.
Use only one machine for a variety of assemblies
  • Assemblies available
  • Tenons / Mortises
  • Feedings
  • Halves
  • Moises
  • Double Tenon (which can be used instead of recesses)
No human intervention is required during the entire milling cycle
  • The user is away from the cutting tools throughout the machining phase = risk reduction
  • The control circuit incorporates safety features equivalent to stationary machines industrial
Oakbot, the key points
Ilias Zinstag, co-founder of Epur, presents the key points of the Oakbot robot.
Oakbot and his mobility cart
The mobility trolley facilitates all the movements of the robot in your workshops, as well as its positioning on the clamping.
Test the Oakbot interface
Discover how easily you can make a multitude of assemblies, with digital precision!

With your mouse, let yourself be guided and make your double tenons bias cut in a few clicks.
Test the interface



Mobility Trolley

PRICES machines :
Oakbot + carriage + clamping
from 563,28 euros HT / month
Rental rates :
with operator
60 euros HT / hour
X Axes
355 mm
Y Axes
210 mm
Z Axes
110 mm
According to X
620 mm
According to Y
450 mm
According to Z
655 mm
Nominal power
1800 W
Max nominal power
2400 W
Power supply
230 VAC
Rotation speed
3000-23000 rpm
Pliers of tightening
Tail diameter tool
2-20 mm
Max speed of advance
5000 mm/min
Power supply
230 VAC
1/10eme mm
Max tool diameter
40 mm
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