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The new version of the portable frame size tool has been demonstrated: it will be provided to beta testers before launching the commercialization in June 2019.

On July 4th, some thirty people attended the first public demonstration of version 4 of a tool in Belcaire, Aude, which already arouses a strong interest in the world of the frame. His name, Oakbot, combines the English term for oak, and the suffix 'bot' for robot. However, it is not specifically a robot to cut oak. But simply to create a portable tool that will cut carpentry in the same way as numerically controlled centers, but in a fair way and for a minimal investment in comparison.

At first, two Alsatian companions discover the Pyrenees

The idea sprang up among two fellow Alsatian carpenters who settled on the other side of the world, in the Pyrenees, on the border of Aude and Ariège: Pierre Giusti and Ilias Zinsstag.
Their culture is the 13-meter bar abutting and dry, numerically controlled size machines in the workshops. But on the side of the beautiful fir forests of Bélesta forest, it's another world.
The glued woods that come there come by truck from Austria. Here, the traditional frameworks are assembled in green wood with wood-wood assembly, with the tools of always. It is probably to this clash of cultures that we will have the idea of ?? As for why, in this beautiful corner but far from everything, the idea has materialized over the years to reach version 4, mystery. A geo-found carpenter stubborn and well surrounded by enthusiastic young colleagues, some timely helpers, lasting support from the BPI ...

Amazing speed for milling parts

The Oakbot consists essentially of three parts: the actual size tool, but also the delicate clamping system of the device on the beam to be cut, and finally the digital interface.For the tool, the V4 all aluminum and suitably hooded is now certifiable and no longer poses security problems for the user. The weight could not be brought back below 20 kg, causing a current reflection on the addition of a cart to reduce the hardness.
Even if the carpenters have to handle much heavier beams than the Oakbot.
The size section now eligible is 350 x 200 x110 mm. In the Ilias Zinsstag demonstrations with the V3, just like during the presentation of the V4 last July, spectators are impressed by the milling speed of the parts.

V4 clamping system

The interface, reliable and easy to handle

Installing the tool is longer than the actual machining. As far as clamping is concerned, it has evolved into a clamp system, but Ilias Zinsstag plans to return to a more flexible strap attachment for the V4 models that will be submitted to beta testers in the fall. /> Finally, the interface must be reliable and easy to handle. One of the returns of the demonstration is that users are not necessarily aware of the x, y, z specific to three-axis tools. No doubt it will be more appropriate to visualize the workpiece and to inscribe the dimensions and sections on the screen.

V3 and its interface

Clamping by clamp will be abandoned in favor of the initial approach by strap, lighter and flexible.A machine to reverse the rural desertification spiral?
The company EPUR which was created to develop this very original tool does not intend to leave its idyllic environment and difficult to access. Ilias Zinsstag : We will take care of the assembly of the interface here. But as far as the manufacture of the tool itself is concerned, several tracks are being studied & nbsp; "
That the French woodwork machine reborn in the Aube would be great to help reverse the spiral of social desertification that strikes today the rural world in France. But it would also be a logical choice.

If the Oakbot can be imagined as a tool for carpenters equipped with waist centers, it is also the ideal tool for cutting wood as it is, not dried, not abutted, not glued. Whether it is the fir tree of the Pyrenean foothills, or the beech, the chestnut of the Cevennes, or even the pine of the Landes.This is not the right solution for the works with wooden frame which require dry wood. But who knows if, from such a tool, we will not see develop a new form of local wood construction and sustainable.

modeling of the V4


Source : / Jonas Tophoven

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