Dubernet Charpentes
For 7 generations
Dubernet Charpente is located in Rion-des-Landes, in the Landes (40) department.

Carpenters from father to son for 7 generations, they have also been building timber frame houses for several years. We went to meet Bastien Dubernet to film his achievements with the Oakbot: a beautiful framework of a sheepfold!
Quentin Lauvergnat
Thanks to Quentin Lauvergnat, carpenter at Lauvergnat Toiture in Saint-Bonnet-de-Mure near Lyon.

He shares with us his experience with the Oakbot: "to be more competitive in terms of price, to recover markets that I could not have without it, and above all, to work with wood". Barely tested, already in production.

We went to interview him at his company!

[SPOILER ALERT] Quentin announces the very next release of the stationary chassis, with already some 3D shots in the video, exclusively [/ SPOILER ALERT]
Nicolas Kessler
Carpenter at the Inard Bois sawmill
We met Nicolas Kessler, Carpenter at Scierie Inard Bois for more than 3 years.

He shares with us his experience with the Oakbot: "An easy-to-use machine with many qualities". After renting it and testing it for three weeks, Scierie Inard Bois decided to buy it.
Rémy Inard
Scierie Inard Bois
Located in Carcassonne in the Aude, the Inard Bois sawmill is a forest operator and sawyer company. The company has been in existence for 45 years now.

Inard Bois has chosen our Oakbot robot to meet the demand for the purchase of traditional frameworks in construction.

We went to interview him at his company!
A 200m² curtain wall for Orange
Located in Champdivers near Dole in the Jura, the DAUBIGNEY company specializes in tailor-made carpentry. Created from an artisanal activity, it has developed thanks to its experience, as well as to modern manufacturing methods in order to combine flexibility and speed.

Arnaud and Alain Daubigney made with the Oakbot a 200m2 bamboo glue-laminated curtain wall on the interior courtyard facade of Orange's head office in Issy-les-Moulineaux. We went to film their realization.
Frédéric Corrihons
Frame & timber frame houses
It is in the Landes, in Saint-André-de-Seignanx and Saubrigues, that the Frédéric Corrihons company has been established for 16 years now. With real passion, but also a know-how acquired over many years, they take care of all roofing and framing work. They also carry out the construction of timber frame houses.

We interviewed Frédéric Corrihons, to find out how he uses the Oakbot in his company and why he wanted to invest in this machine tool.
Sylvain Fortier
Teacher at CFA MFR
We met Sylvain Fortier, trainer at MFR Talmont.

His testimony underlines the interest of a digital tool for the training of future carpenters / joiners and its role in the preservation of artisanal know-how and the competitiveness of the wood industry in construction.
Dominique Charbonneau
Apprenticeship in woodworking trades
MFR CFA "wood" Talmont St Hilaire: The MFR of Talmont Saint Hilaire is a branch of the CFA of the MFR of Vendée. It offers young people to help them in their professional project and to train them in the field of wood in apprenticeship.

We met Dominique Charbonneau, Director of the MFR Talmont. His testimony allows us to have a return on his interest in the Oakbot and the added value that it could bring them.
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