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33 Years
After the baccalaureate, I quickly embarked on a manual path, learning by working, from chalet construction to marine framework, I validate various diplomas in the field and after 7 years of employment in various companies, I end up m 'set up on my own for the design and production of wooden structures. From this experience was born the idea and the first prototype of a portable digital milling machine.
In the framework as everywhere else, creativity for me is linked to know-how. I love to learn, to discover how things work, in the most varied fields. Understand from the ground up, then modify, improve, innovate. I am fairly convinced that the only limit to our abilities is the one we set for ourselves.
In the end, for me, the creation of Epur is at the crossroads between my different passions and skills. Determined to discover lots of new ones on the road ...!
41 years
I grew up among the sheep and learned to take care of them so that they could give their best. They led me to wonder about the functioning of society and pushed me to study political science to understand and analyze the world. These studies led me to hold various positions at INRA and at the Verdon Regional Natural Park while training me in agriculture and construction (BPREA and CAP).
After having created my business in the building industry in 2011, I met Pierre and we embarked on the Epur adventure from the end of 2015 and the Start'up business competition is in the meadow. This project is an opportunity for me to test my desire to undertake, to bring together, to learn and to discover new professional horizons. I also bring my energy and a dimension of territorial development.
Sophie Vianet
43 years
With a very varied background and rich in experiences in fields as diverse as health, education and entrepreneurship, the adventure with Epur gave me the opportunity to start a new life! Indeed after an accident and a few years necessary for my recovery, I was forced to consider a future other than that for which I had oriented my studies. This is how, following a professional reorientation assessment, I was able to update the multiplicity of my skills, particularly in administrative, financial and managerial management.

My determination to grow professionally, my proactivity, my curiosity, my versatility, my enthusiasm for the Epur project have greatly contributed to our two co-founders wanting to integrate me into the team. That's how I left the Catalan coasts and the seaside to move to the Sault plateau. Today, I am delighted to be able to make a contribution to the project and to this great team as an executive assistant!
Clara Giusti
28 years
Graduated from a master's degree from Kedge Business School, I realized in the continuity of my studies the importance that it represented for me, to work for a project which had meaning and which was in line with my values. Working at Epur means putting all my skills at the service of an innovative company, both in the product it offers and in its economic and managerial model. I grew up in Belcaire, this small village nestled in the heart of the Audoise Pyrenees and the possibility of being able to return to live in my mountains, raise my son in this exceptional environment and work in an area that I adore was a unique opportunity.

Rigorous, enthusiastic and very active, the position of marketing and communication manager at Epur opens up various horizons for me and gives me the opportunity to create, imagine and innovate, to use my creativity to develop new concepts. , writing relevant content and developing global communication. I am happy to be able to invest myself in this project, within this great team and to bring my energy to go even further, it is a real motivation on a daily basis!
IT Developer
Doctor in Geophysics and rather curious, I mainly trained in contact with researchers in research laboratories. It is an extraordinary environment for those who are curious, know how to adapt, like to learn every day, to seek, to fail… relentlessly. With the profile of a digital modeler and a taste for physical equations, I was able to work on many themes.

After two years of freelance, I am tackling an exciting and stimulating new theme: robotics and woodworking. It is also a great opportunity for me to join a small, close-knit, dynamic, creative and ambitious team. Within Epur, my activity mainly concerns the IT development of the OakBot. The objective is to extend the reliability of the machine and its ease of use… but also to bring new functions to it, with a touch of intelligence!

Like the craftsman carpenter, our philosophy at Epur is to produce a clean, sustainable, well-structured code. This in order to facilitate its maintenance, its management and allow its evolution. From the craftsman carpenter, to the developer craftsman, there is only one line! It's also what motivates me every day!
42 years old - Mechanical Engineer
I was enthusiastic by the positive energy that EPUR gives off, and by this desire to create a company where people have their place. So I joined the team full of this enthusiasm, which has not left me since. The energy of the whole team makes it possible to lift mountains!

My work at EPUR is very diverse and multidisciplinary, allowing me to use the skills that I was able to acquire during my studies in mechanical systems design and my very varied professional experiences in training, after-sales service, maintenance . No day is like the previous one, it suits me perfectly!
Sales executive
Olivier CLAIR
51 years old - Workshop technician
A graduate in ironwork and metallurgy, I have developed multiple skills and solid knowledge in mechanics and bodywork during my career. My various professional experiences have made me a real "Swiss Army Knife"!

I chose to put this versatility to good use to help Epur in its development both in terms of R&D (through my ingenuity) and in the assembly of OAKBOTs (through precision work).

What a joy to be able to contribute to the growth of a start-up in our Audoise Pyrenees!
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