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45 years old
I grew up among the sheep and learned to take care of them so that they give the best. They led me to wonder about the functioning of society and pushed me to study political science to understand and analyze the world. These studies led me to hold various positions at INRA and the Verdon Regional Natural Park while training in agriculture and construction (BPREA and CAP).
After creating my construction company in 2011, I met Pierre and we embarked on the Epur adventure from the end of 2015 and the Start'up business competition is in the field. This project is an opportunity for me to test my desire to undertake, to gather, to learn and to discover new professional horizons. I also bring my energy and a dimension of territorial development.
45 years old - Executive Assistant, Accounting and Administrative Manager
After a varied career between administrative career and agriculture, I was looking for an innovative and family business: joining Epur was obvious to me!
Being from New Ariège, coming to work on the Sault plateau is like being on vacation every day. Here, I thrive in a stimulating natural environment. Biker and city dweller at heart, I also discovered the joys of life in the mountains by being stuck in the car in Belcaire without snow tires! Thanks again to the colleagues who came to my rescue during my first week at Epur!

At the crossroads of professions, I appreciate the human dimension of my function and the synergy to be deployed: my daily missions at Epur are very diverse: between accounting, human resources management or even invoicing, the days are busy but all different. What do I like about Epur? Its culture of innovation, its human potential, its desire to move forward as a team.
55 years old - Operational Manager
Born in Bordeaux, I studied building engineering. Freshly graduated, I swapped the southwest for Normandy by becoming director of a sporting goods store for 20 years, we can say that I had plenty of time to fully understand the challenges of business management. .
I then returned to the south as manager of a department store selling cultural products in Toulouse, then manager of collective catering.
By working afterwards in a high-end mountain article brand, I became strongly involved in the development and support of the company: the return to the SME was obvious.
I finally find at Epur a company on a human scale and the richness of working on various projects.
My missions as operational director consist of supporting the director in the management and economic performance of the company, a demanding job, at the crossroads of people and the economy of the company.
On the leisure side, I have always been a fan of sports and all activities combined, with a slight preference for tennis and handball which I still practice, with an Olympic form!
47 years old - HRD - Administrative Manager, Communication Manager and Sales Coordinator
With a very varied background and rich in experiences in fields as diverse as health, education and entrepreneurship, the adventure with Epur gave me the opportunity to start a new life! Indeed, after an accident and a few years necessary for my recovery, I was forced to consider a future other than the one for which I had oriented my studies. This is how, following a professional reorientation report, I was able to update the multiplicity of my skills, particularly in administrative, financial and managerial management.

My determination to evolve professionally, my proactivity, my curiosity, my versatility, my enthusiasm for the Epur project have strongly contributed to our two co-founders wanting to integrate me into the team. This is how I left the Catalan coast and the seaside to move to the Sault plateau. Epur allowed me to improve my skills and train myself. Today, after having had the chance to complete a MASTER RGRH (Head of Human Resources Management) I am delighted to be able to contribute my stone to the building of the project and to this great team as Head of Human and Administrative Resources. , but also as Communications Manager and Sales Coordinator.
29 years old - Production Manager
After studying as a civil engineer, I worked for many years in the construction industry in managerial or project manager positions.

Originally from Narbonne, I left the Mediterranean coast for the Haute Vallée, and joining Epur came naturally to me.

My job is to manage and organize the supply of raw materials, to manage the workshop teams or to organize quality control, the days are busy!

As a resident of the Pays de Sault, it is all the more a source of pride to be able to contribute fully to this adventure!

En tant qu�€(tm)habitant du Pays de Sault, c�€(tm)est d�€(tm)autant plus une fierté que de pouvoir contribuer pleinement à cette aventure !
Ibrahima GAYE
31 years old - Mechanical design Engineer
After a career mainly oriented in industry, engineering and project management, I turned to teaching as a technology and SNT teacher, in the Paris region.

It was a growing experience for me, the educational dimension was very stimulating but I lacked a certain practical aspect and confrontation with the field. That's why I went back to my first love: engineering.

I left the Parisian traffic jams for the mooing of the cows of the Pays de Sault: exit the metro work sleep! The contrast between the two universes is certainly very radical, but I find in the Audoises Pyrenees an incomparable quality and living environment.

The start-up Epur allows me to apply all my skills in mechanical design. It is for me, very unifying to be a player apart from this innovative adventure!
33 years old - Software Department Manager - IT Developer
Doctor in Geophysics and rather curious, I mainly trained in contact with researchers in research laboratories. It is an extraordinary environment for those who are curious, know how to adapt, like to learn every day, to seek, to fail... relentlessly. With a digital modeler profile and a certain taste for physical equations, I was able to work on many themes.

After two years of freelancing, I am tackling a new, exciting and stimulating theme: robotics and woodworking. It is also a great opportunity for me to join a small, close-knit, dynamic, creative and ambitious team. Within Epur, my activity mainly concerns the IT development of the OakBot. The objective is to extend the reliability of the machine and its ease of use… but also to provide new functionalities, with a touch of intelligence!

Like the carpenter, our philosophy at Epur is to produce a clean, durable, well-structured code. This is to facilitate its maintenance, management and allow its evolution. From the artisan carpenter, to the artisan developer, there is only one line! This is also what motivates me every day!
Hi, I'm Naomi-Esme. Currently in Master Marketing and Communication, I joined the Epur adventure as a sales and communication assistant.
I met Epur by pure chance, during a job fair, I had a long chat with the team on their stand, and the feeling was immediate!
I have a solid experience in luxury hotels, gourmet restaurants and international events.
Originally from the Netherlands, I speak several languages ​​including German and English, which is an asset during our promotional operations on European markets.
My missions at Epur consist in promoting Oakbot, through exhibitions and appointments with prospects.
No day is the same, I travel with Laurent the roads of Europe to conquer European trade fairs to promote our robot Oakbot.
My greatest passion? Cocktail mixology, bartender in my spare time, I mix soda, ginger, cucumber vodka, but my specialty remains the “Moskow Mule” cocktail Naomi-Esmée version, we meet at the next show for my secret recipe!
Laurent DUHAZÉ
57 years old - Sales manager
After many experiences in commercial management, export and mass distribution, I swapped the country of Bergerac to join the country of Sault and the Epur adventure in January 2020.
As a sales representative, I travel the roads of France and Europe to promote our Oakbot robot.
What drives me in my job is that no two days are alike, each meeting is unique and exciting!
54 years old - Workshop technician
Graduated in ironwork and metallurgy, I have developed during my career multiple skills and solid knowledge in mechanics, bodywork. My various professional experiences have made me a real “Swiss army knife”!

I chose to use this versatility to help Epur in its development both in terms of R&D (through my ingenuity) and in the assembly of OAKBOTs (through precision work).

What a pleasure to be able to contribute to the growth of a start-up in our "Pyrenees Audoises"!
24 years old - Purchasing and logistics administrative assistant
Native of Aude, I graduated from a BTS Management Assistant SME-SMI. Epur is installed in my region and I am proud of it. It is an innovative, modern and human company.

I immediately liked the team spirit and the nature and "tech" setting. I hold the position of Production Assistant" and I am happy with the trust that is given to me knowing that I am the youngest of the team.
Sébastien D'AGOSTINO
46 years old - furniture assembler
Originally from the French Riviera, it has been 15 years since I discovered the Pays de Sault, this territory is particularly close to my heart, as is the company Epur.
I had the chance to attend the beginnings of the project, from the first prototypes to the rise of the start-up, it's a great satisfaction to be a witness and to be able to bring your stone to the building in this innovative adventure!

34 years old - Assembler
A graduate in cooking and catering, originally from the Lot, my many experiences have allowed me to develop multiple skills and a precise sense of rigor and precision.
A bit like the image of a recipe, the profession of editor requires methods of development and the precise follow-up of a diagram, which are points that I particularly appreciate in my daily work.

It is a real pleasure to contribute to an innovative company, in the company of a team of enthusiasts!
20 years old - Embedded system engineer in work study
Hi, I'm Gabriel, I'm 20 years old and I joined the Epur adventure on a work-study basis as an embedded system engineer.
Originally from 93, I alternate between two months at Epur in the Pays de Sault, and one month at school in Paris, two rooms, two atmospheres!
I had the chance for my first year of engineering school to discover a star-up, ambitious, and above all dynamic. On my first day, I was not yet seated at the desk that I had already had the opportunity to handle Oakbot, quite an encounter!
38 years old - Assembler
After studying maintenance in automated systems, I had many experiences in metallurgical construction, welding and mechanical framework.

Contributing to the Epur adventure allows me to bring all my knowledge acquired during my many projects. In my daily work, I appreciate the multidisciplinary side of the missions, the rigorous and technical aspect, the values and above all the cohesion of our team.
42 years old - Embedded Systems Engineer
Trained in mechanical studies, I decided to leave Toulouse to settle in Belcaire, motivated by the desire to work in an innovative and dynamic TPE like Epur.

Self-taught and librist by nature, passionate about computers, electronics and mechanics since early childhood, Epur allows me to use all the skills I have been able to acquire because Oakbot combines all these needs. From the design office to the workshop, no two days are alike!
Olivier Tassou
52 years old - Machine fitter
Originally from the North of France, it has now been 30 years since the Chti moved to the Pyrenees Audoises 😊
Roofer for 20 years, I used to work with materials as diverse as they are varied: slate, tile, glass...
Having joined the team only a few months ago, my story with Epur began much earlier, I had known the founders for a long time and it was finally Epur who came to me because I had interesting technical skills for the post of editor. .
The profession of fitter is exciting because of its versatility, the days are varied, the team works on different positions and always in the right atmosphere!
When I take off my rider cap, I put on my snowboard instructor hat, let's say I spend all my free time in winter on my board, and I'm lucky to have a station a few steps from work 😊
Benjamin Lux
33 years old – Developer
Graduated from a computer engineering school in Bordeaux, I made my debut in a software research and development laboratory.
I met Epur by simple chance, 2 years ago, during a small "stay-confinement" in the green with a friend who lived in Belcaire. It was an unprecedented period for everyone, during our famous "authorized outings" I took the time to discuss with the local inhabitants, my experience, my desire to direct myself to creation assisted by digital tools. and I was advised to take a look at the start-up Epur, of course!
I was leaving with the intention of submitting an unsolicited application, but it turns out that there was a job offer that matched my profile, a nice coincidence!
Settling in the Audoises Pyrenees was not part of my plans, but life is made up of pure chance and beautiful encounters.
From now on, I am delighted to be part of a start-up that corresponds to my values ​​and which brings digital as a tool in its own right.
On the personal side, I have a good range of hobbies: digital creation is omnipresent, I like to design objects, personalized t-shirts.
In terms of sport, I'm more natural, I do a lot of cycling, hiking and climbing, but I also practice folk dancing and more cerebral sports like "belote" (card game) 😉
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