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32 years old
After the baccalaureate, I quickly embarked on a manual path, learning by working, from the construction of a chalet to the naval frame, I validate various diplomas in the field and after 7 years of wage earning in various companies, I finish by m to install on my account for the design and realization of wood structures. From this experience was born the idea and the first prototype of portable digital milling machine.
In the carpentry as everywhere else, creativity is for me related to the know-how. I love learning, discovering how things work, in the most varied fields. Understand from the ground up then modify, improve, innovate. I am pretty sure that the only limit to our abilities is the one we set ourselves.
In the end, for me, the creation of Epur is at the crossroads between my different passions and skills. Determined to discover a lot of news on the road ...!
39 years old
I grew up in the midst of sheep and learned to care for them to give the best. They led me to question the functioning of society and pushed me to study political science to understand and analyze the world. These studies led me to occupy different positions at INRA and the Regional Natural Park of Verdon while training in agriculture and building (BPREA and CAP).
After having created my company in the building in 2011, I meet Pierre and we embark on the Epur adventure from the end of 2015 and the Start'up business competition is in the meadow. This project is an opportunity for me to experience my desire to undertake, gather, learn and discover new professional horizons. I also bring my energy and a dimension of territorial development.
48 years old
Diplomas in various fields, a very rich and varied experience. My degrees and all my experiences are what I am today: a person who learns from the past but who is resolutely forward-looking. And the future for me is what Epur offers: designing and marketing robots that make life easier for hard-working people.
I joined the team as a management assistant not long ago, but I am the evolution of the project from the beginning.
What do I bring to this adventure? my experience, my curiosity, my adaptability. What brings me the project? the opportunity to learn new things again and again. To exceed my limits.
Alexandre MAFFRE
38 years old
I am passionate about nature and science since childhood. After scientific studies I have the chance to work on the quantitative analysis of health risks of dairy products, which allows me to exercise my engineering skills in a natural environment (bacterial ecosystems). Following my move to Toulouse, I change my job and work in the aeronautics field.
Goodbye nature (and maths!), Digital life suits me less and less. I decided to change direction, buy agricultural land and start farming in ecological agriculture. But the road is long and difficult, so I have to work part-time in parallel with my agricultural activity and I therefore do temporary work. This experience has given me a lot about how to work properly with his body and also allowed me to learn the basics of masonry and ... carpentry!
I finally had the chance to meet Epur, which allows me to work at my own pace, in confidence, on a really useful and innovative project in a field that I love, wood. PROVIDED THAT LASTS!
Dorian Cormerais
29 years old
Breton of origin and Hrault of adoption, I graduated from a master's degree specialized in digital marketing. I first evolved for a year and a half as commercial agent, on the French territory, for an American start-up.
Endowed with the entrepreneurial spirit, I then embarked on a business creation project, in the form of a marketplace of services, which allowed me to put my knowledge into practice and develop my skills in the world of business. startups.
The innovative nature of the Oakbot, a certain flexibility in the way of working and the assurance of joining a small team united in a relaxed working atmosphere with strong prospects of evolution immediately seduced me and I am launched into new adventures at Epur.

11140 FRANCE
+33 (0)4 68 31 29 11


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