Guaranteed French Origin label

This guarantees our customers full control of manufacturing quality and the fight against planned obsolescence.

Why we are proud
Guaranteed French Origin label
Because at Epur, we have always wanted to build a machine that is 100% French. This is part of our values for two reasons:
- total control of manufacturing quality,
- the fight against planned obsolescence.

Concretely, this concerns the manufacture of the robot and the mechanical parts, but also the design of computer programs for machining and the entire tactile interface.

After a long audit and calculation work, Bureau Véritas certified us the Origine France Garantie label (and for us frankly it's great 😎)

This label is also very important for our customers because it guarantees them a reliable, robust and durable production tool, enhanced by unique and 100% French know-how!
Certification and Bureau Veritas
An initial audit and annual follow-up
The certification, simple and understandable by all, is the result of a collective process of actors who wish to "work together to promote" produce in France "and to promote industrial and artisanal know-how.

The Pro France association, which promotes Origine France Garantie, is made up of business leaders supporting this approach. Its objective is to:

- Provide clear and precise information to the consumer on the French origin of products
- Promote the companies that manufacture in France

The Origine France Garantie certification stands out from other terms such as "made in France", "designed in France", "Made in France" which are self-declarative and too loose.

Origine France Garantie is the only certification that attests to the French origin of a product. It is transversal (all sectors combined) and indisputable (certification, compulsory, is carried out by an independent certification body).

We have thus received in our company the auditors of Bureau Véritas, and are engaged in an annual verification procedure of the maintenance of the certification criteria.
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