Oakbot at the CFA Rouen material library

Oakbot present at the material library from May 6 to September 6 in Rouen: a space dedicated to sharing, training and innovative materials.

Strong ambitions
We are very proud to have been selected to participate in the Lanfry material library from May 6 to September 6.
6 months of exhibition and demonstration!

The material library is a space for work, discovery and inspiration, a support for training, exchanges and monitoring made available to all.

Here, all the players in the construction industry meet: suppliers, college students, apprentices, apprenticeship masters, companies wishing to share their knowledge, project owners, project managers (architects, design offices, economists), manufacturers , etc.
Rouen CFA
Located in the heart of the Technopôle du Madrillet Competitiveness Cluster, near Rouen, the new Espace Lanfry is a new generation space for work-study training in favor of construction trades.

Designed to provide each apprentice with excellent training and know-how in all building trades, Espace Lanfry is a training center for apprenticeship in contemporary architecture, conducive to innovative pedagogy resolutely turned towards the future of the profession.
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