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Purification in the spotlight in the Indépendant for obtaining the Label Origine France Garantie

Original article published on, 15/12/2020

In Belcaire, Epur continues its ascent by pocketing a label

Based in the village, occupying three municipal premises, the company Epur continues its ascent. Recently, a new award has been added to those already obtained, the Origine France garantie label. It is a universal certification concerns the first French digital wood cutting robot.

Oakbot, the first portable digital framing robot (no equivalent product on the market), allowing a perfect assembly, of extraordinary precision in cutting. The digital wood milling machine moves easily, by a single person, on the site of construction sites. The programming is very simple. Buyers, on a video of the site, say they are delighted. Time saving, fewer devices to carry.


The team is proud of the first sale made in the region, at the Inard Bois sawmill. The robot was used on the construction site of Orange's headquarters in Issy-les-Moulineaux. The company Epur is always in contact with the team that deals with the renovation of Notre-Dame de Paris.

The choice of the renovation strategy is not yet finalized (exceptional creation to provide support during the first pandemic with the manufacture of visors distributed free of charge first to the medical world).

Epur is a young company, promised a bright future, which counts among its employees several people from the Sault plateau. Here too a positive point to highlight.

The team: the inventor is Pierre Guisti, general and technical director. llias Zinsstag, President and Chief Financial Officer. Sophie Vianet, Executive Assistant. Clara Guisti, marketing communication project manager. Denis Vinet, engineer. Olivier Clair, workshop technician. Jim Tesson, computer developer. Laurent Duhaze, salesman. And finally the latest arrival, Ayoub Hamila, trainee engineer.

Original article published in the Independent​ 15/12/2020

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